THE NEWS - 2009



* Sarah and Shamina (aka Gavayan x Sahira by Dschamal) *

Since Shamina was born in 2005, it was a big friendship between Sarah and her.

In this summer Sarah started to work her gently under saddle and this is the result!
We are very proud about our two girls!



* Fall is around the corner! *

photo taken by © Sarah Leupold



* Summer impressions *

Victorias Angel ( TR Victor x Asya MG by Princip) aka Shadwans Ciara ( Classic Shadwan x Sabbah by Maysoun) Straight egyptian

 aka Shamina (aka Gavayan x Sahira by Dschamal) aka Chandani (GR Amatretto x Chamasani by Classic Shadwan)  Straight egyptian filly - AVAILABLE FOR SALE aka Farishuu ( Bankurai Ibn Wahdani x Fadira by Nadir I)
all photos taken by © Sarah Leupold


(Bankurai Ibn Wahdani x Raunda), 3 month old now!
Owner: Daeubler family



Straight egyptian/ filly/ grey/*2008

by GR Amaretto (Classic Shadwan x Halim´s Asmara by Ansata Halim Shah)
 out of Chamasani (Classic Shadwan x Sabbah by Maysoun)


"ED Valentina"
born 2006/ mare/ grey
aka Gavayan by Gazal Al Shaqab  x Al Hanifa Halima by Dalia Halim

complete pedigree

Little Vally is growing up to a beautiful young mare, ready to breed with!

More information you will find at
El Dashour Arabian Stud

The Daeubler family got a suprise on mother´s day!

Their mare Raunda delivered a beautiful filly-foal by Bankurai!
The whole family is all over the moon with the little girl, named RODHANI
Pictures will follow!

The Bankurai daugther Maleah *2005 (out of Maritsa by El Mokari) - now under saddle!

In April we got this message from our friends Kim, Carina & William / Fjordside Arabians DK

Carina :"Maleah is very much "awake" but easy to handle and is pretty cool with many things.
 Impressive, when I think she has only been ridden for 1½ month."
We are very impressed too! Big congrats, to this beautiful, happy team! We know, Carina´s dream comes true.
Once more, a Bankurai child with his great character and potential under saddle.


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